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The Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) is an essential component of Imani’s admissions process.  The SEA has three purposes:

1.     To assess a student’s academic ability to determine whether they will be able to perform the academic work at Imani Christian Academy.

2.    To determine whether a student is willing to put forth the effort required to attend Imani Christian Academy.

3.    To determine whether a student values the opportunity to be at Imani Christian Academy
Academic ability will be assessed based upon testing that is part of each SEA class.  In addition, students will undergo standardized testing as part of the program.  Effort is  assessed based upon a student’s classroom performance.


 Finally, a student’s behavior during the two week period is determinative of whether they value the opportunity.  Students who are removed from class or behave in a disruptive or disrespectful manner will be deemed to have fallen below the standard of the Academy.

Students will attend theology, English grammar and Writing,  Theology will teach students the fundamentals of the Christian Faith and the Christian Worldview.  The Wordsmith Journey curriculum will be used for English Grammar and Writing.  This curriculum focuses on the basics of grammar, sentence formulation, and writing paragraphs.  Finally, math will ensure knowledge of middle school and high school grade level basics.

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