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A busy first month at Imani

Our first month+ has been a busy one, indeed!

To kick things off, our Imani seniors participated in the first of four Senior Seminar days.

Senior Seminars are a unique feature of the Imani experience. The seminars occur four times a year and are designed as inspirational sessions that assist parent and student to navigate the final year of high school.

Starting with Goal Setting, moving to Adversity, addressing Accountability, and ending with Reflective Celebration, each facilitated session is uniquely tailored to uplift and propel seniors and families into the next exciting phase of life.

Imani also had numerous visits from college and military recruiters.

Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, University of Akron, Geneva, Chatham, and the United States Navy all visited us and spoke to our students about opportunities and offerings.

We also held our fall open house where our families were able to meet with our staff and were entertained and inspired by both our gospel choir and African dance guilds.

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