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2023 Spring Gala

If you were standing on the balcony of the Carnegie Science Center’s PointView Hall, you would agree that it was a beautiful evening. The view revealed blue skies with the faintest dappling of powder-puff clouds. The sun gleamed on the city’s steel and glass skyscrapers and shone on the waters of the three rivers, as they converged at The Point. It was a great view of the city, but on May 17, 2023, the view inside PointView Hall was just as captivating. An archway of dense blooming flowers marked the entrance. Deep green vines draped the ceiling. Centerpieces festooned with red, yellow, and green tropical foliage towered on tables. The stage was meticulously adorned with ferns, birds of paradise, and other blooming flowers. The setting was appropriate for Imani’s 30th Anniversary Gala. An event dedicated to thanking God for his provision, commemorating the contributions of those who came before, and celebrating the efforts of many who made Imani Christian Academy possible. If you were fortunate enough to spend the evening, you were entranced by the Drumming Guild’s polyrhythmic beats, captivated by the Dance Guild’s synchronized agility, and elevated by the Choir Guild’s youthful voices. During dinner, a short film took you on a 30-year journey as shared through the words and images of those who lived the experience. After dinner, you would have been moved when Imani honored its founder Bishop Clay for his vision, Fred and Fran Fetterolf for their extraordinary contributions, and New Community Church for over two decades as a vital mission partner. That night, their stories washed over you like a thousand waves of gratitude. And though the night drew to a close, gratitude remained the prevailing sentiment: gratitude for the board members who made the calls and called in the favors; gratitude for the corporate sponsors and civic leaders who answered the call and showed up; gratitude for the community members who came to see and were moved by the story; gratitude for the youth who danced, drummed, and sang; gratitude for those who volunteered seeking nothing in return; gratitude for those who donated, pledged and gave; and of course, gratitude to the Almighty God for working in his amazing ways. Happy Anniversary Imani, here’s to many, many more! All the best,

Paulo Nzambi CEO / Head of School Imani Christian Academy

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