Our High School’s academic program is designed to provide a challenging, dynamic educational experience with an interactive curriculum that is delivered in small class sizes.  Imani assists each student in preparing for their post-graduate experience.  Students focus on mastering their writing, reasoning, and STEM skills in order to be fully prepared for the academic rigor and challenges of post-secondary education. 

Students who choose a career that requires a four-year college degree work closely with our counselors to help them choose the best college fit, assist with finding scholarships, aid in maneuvering through the application process, and coordinate college visits and tours throughout the year.  For more information, see College Counseling.


Some students will choose an alternative or trade career path.  Therefore, we provide exposure and training to a variety of alternative careers beginning in the Sixth Grade. 

Imani offers a Dual Enrollment Program through the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).  This program provides options for our juniors and seniors:

An opportunity to earn college credits for certification and degree programs in STEM related fields, to develop the skills and knowledge needed for entry-level positions upon graduation


An opportunity for our juniors and seniors to jumpstart their college careers


An opportunity for advanced classes for those who desire a more challenging academic curriculum in a variety of subjects

Gettysburg Field Trip

Gettysburg Field Trip

Science Fair

Science Fair



4 Credits of Each (Core Courses)


- Algebra I

- Geometry

- Algebra II

- Pre-Calculus/Calculus


- Biology I

- Chemistry

- Biology II

- Physics

Language Arts

- English

- Grammer/Writing


- Civics

- World Cultures

- U.S. History

- Sociology/Competing World View

2 Credits of Each

- Theology

- Physical Education

- Spanish

1 Credit of Health

7 Credits Total in any Combination

- Fine Arts

- Computer Applications

- Counseling

- Public Speaking

Dual Enrollment

11th and 12th grade students can earn college credits at CCAC through this program

Community Service

Required each year to graduate.  Speak to the NIA Director for specific guidelines.