We recognize and celebrate the importance of critical thinking in addition to the acquisition of knowledge.  Classrooms are filled with energy, as students are engaged in an inquiry-based curriculum with experiential, interactive activities that enable them to think creatively and instill a passion for learning.



Emphasis is placed on strong moral values and spiritual growth.  We are educating and raising the next generation of young Christian men and women by offering an academically challenging, traditional education program that is rooted in God’s Word.  Through worship, theology, and local church service projects, we believe we can provide every student with a way to reach his or her God-given potential.



Our staff recognizes that all students are unique; therefore lessons are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.  Staff, advisors, and coaches make it their mission to encourage creativity, self-reliance, and the ability to work effectively as an individual or as part of a team.  They inspire, respect, and value each child.



The most valuable benefit of an Imani education lies in the reality that your child will not only be prepared academically -- but also for life beyond school.  In order for our students to be future-ready, we build their character and develop their academic, artistic, and psychosocial skills.  We encourage engagement in the community and volunteer activities so they can learn how to make a positive difference in the lives of others.



As a result of the small class sizes, every student is part of the Imani family.  They learn to trust and appreciate one another while fostering a sense of mutual respect.  Our staff is also actively involved in building supportive, caring relationships with the students to ensure they stay on the path for success.



From your child’s first day at Imani, they will learn to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Each student is assigned a staff member or teacher as a mentor.  Older students also act as positive role models for younger students -- reading stories, assisting with homework, or just offering sound advice.  Along with spiritual values, we lay the foundation for strong character development through emphasis on the teaching of virtues.

Imani Christian Academy

2150 East Hills Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15221

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