On behalf of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, we would like to welcome you to Imani Christian Academy!


Imani’s commitment to provide an enriching and scholastically challenging education coupled with a strong spiritual foundation for all children, regardless of their social and economic status, sets it apart from other schools.  Our unique educational model unveils, develops, and nurtures each student in a safe, caring environment.  We value each child. We mentor and guide each one to achieve his or her highest potential.  In addition, Imani is dedicated to making sure our youth are college or career-ready upon graduation.


We have experienced firsthand the life-changing difference that a strong spiritual foundation and a rigorous education in a devoted and loving environment can make in the lives of these extraordinary children.  We are struck by their personal courage and strength.  They ask nothing other than a chance to work hard and change their lives through education. 


I encourage you to visit the school, and see why Imani Christian Academy is a uniquely special place!


Jerry MacCleary

Chair, Board of Directors

Imani Christian Academy

2150 East Hills Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15221

Phone:  412-731-7982 

Fax: 412-731-7343