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Drama Club Rehearsals

Drama Club rehearsal for this years production will run Monday - Thursday 3:05 pm - 5:30 pm.

Rehearsal Rules

  1. You must come to rehearsals every time you are called. If you cannot come you must have a written note from a parent or guardian.

  2. You must be on time!

  3. Give 100% at rehearsals

  4. Have an open mind and listen to what the director tells you. Be willing to try something new

  5. Memorize your script as soon as possible! It's much easier to rehearse with a script in hand. Your script must be memorized by Wednesday, October 20

  6. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This means being SILENT while others are speaking or while backstage, as well as when directors are giving directions

  7. NO food or drink is permitted beyond the cafeteria! Only water in closeable water bottles is allowed

  8. Do not eat in costumes

  9. Come prepared to rehearsal - script, pencil, proper shoes, and water

  10. Clean up after yourself]

  11. Do Not Touch anything that isn't yours - body parts, costumes, props, food, scripts, etc.

  12. Most of all, HAVE FUN. This is an educational experience for you all, as well as a fun one

If you have any questions, contact Rosylind Santiago at

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