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2022 Imani Gala

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Praise God, for he has been so good! On Saturday, June 4, 2022, we had a wonderful Gala. It was the first time ever at the school and it was excellent. There are so many people who worked so hard to make it possible, I couldn’t thank them all. I will nevertheless, give it a try.

Thank you to Development, Barbara and JD for putting in hours of work behind the scene. Thank you to Mwalimu and Administrators, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Schaude, Mrs. Irish, Mr. Nanji, Mrs. O’Connor, Mr. Miller, Ms. Tukes, Mr. Kelley, and Coach Simon. Thank you for contributing your voices, experience and unique contributions to the richness of the event. Your presence spoke volumes.

Thank you to our students, Kaelynn, Darrel and Isaac. Your reflections on your experience at Imani was invaluable. Thank you for showing up and standing out.

Thank you to New Community Church Volunteers Steve and Ellyn Snyder, Harry and Diane Zehnder, and Beth and Doug Montgomery. Once again, your continued support of Imani helped make this event memorable.

Thank you to our Board Members. Jerry, David, Laura, Susan, Marlin, Matt and Soo-Yi, it was great to see you all there.

The food was wonderful, the fellowship inspiring and the night was blessed indeed. Thank you all.

In Christ,

Paulo Nzambi

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