Our mission is to embrace ALL children in society, particularly the underserved and transform them spiritually, academically, physically and socially, to pursue lives of purpose and contribution.


We believe that children cannot learn and grow unless they have first been loved. As our children come to us with many different levels of unmet spiritual and emotional needs, we seek through love to heal their spirits, develop acceptance, forgiveness and self-esteem, and facilitate a new vision within them of their unique potential.




Spiritually - We share Christ with our children daily and seek to help them grow into mature Christians.


Academically - We believe that education begins with solid foundations. We meet our children where they are, and ensure that each one is grounded in reading, writing, mathematics, and classes. Then we walk with them as far as their abilities and desires will take them, educating them in the physical and social sciences, arts, and theology,  and prepare them for post-secondary education and lifelong learning.


Physically We believe that physical education and physical activity are essential for developing the whole child. We teach children to respect their bodies and we train them in healthy living.


Socially - We believe that personal development is incomplete unless it includes social development. We teach children life skills and invest in their interpersonal and cross-cultural competence so that they will become fully functioning adults, ready to engage in family, participate in community and contribute to society.





We are changing the destiny of our community and of future generations, one child at a time.