Every gift counts!


YOUR gift enables us to achieve our mission of embracing ALL children in our society, transforming them into whole adults, and launching them into lives of purpose and contribution. Your contribution impacts the school in many ways. It provides scholarships so students have the opportunity to attend Imani, it enables us to have the latest in teaching tools and technology, and it allows us to augment the academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities available to our students.


There are many ways to support Imani, to find out more please visit Ways To Give.


When our families think of Imani, what do they value most?  Maybe it’s their child graduating from Imani and becoming the first person in their family to attend college, or discovering a passion for a STEM subject or future career.  Whatever the case, YOU are giving a child the one thing that can change his/her life – an education! 

Tuition Only Accounts for 7% of Imani's Budget. 

Testimonials from Students

I wanted to belong somewhere, and ended up finding myself in the wrong crowd and using drugs.  My grades got worse and I was always getting into fights. Then my mom found Imani.   I have new friends and I’m doing great in school.  I love this place with all my heart!

The teachers at Imani had a great impact on my life – they really care about me.  They helped me build my self-confidence and encouraged me to dream and work towards what I want to be in the future.


I come from a bad neighborhood – sometimes I’m afraid to go out because there are drug dealers and gangs hanging out on the street.  When I come to school I feel safe.

I know my grandma is doing the best she can, but she is on a fixed income and sometimes we don’t have a lot of food or money.  I get to eat breakfast and lunch at Imani.  Some of the staff help my grandma by buying me the uniform shirt and pants. For Christmas, they bought me a coat… keeps me warm.

Testimonials from Parents

I love the Christian environment and the dedication of the faculty and staff.  My children are getting a great education AND a strong spiritual foundation

I knew my son, Eric, was very bright -- but he was failing in school.  He joined one of the neighborhood gangs, started to do drugs and skip school. His father left when he was born and I realized he needed a strong male role model in his life. I didn’t know what to do…and then someone at church told me about Imani. At first he had a major attitude and an anger problem, but they refused to give up on him. Tru (his mentor) was the answer to my prayers -- he worked one-on-one with Eric.  Over time, I started to see a change in him; his grades improved dramatically and he got a new set of friends. He has a 3.5 grade average now and wants to be an engineer. He will be the first in our family to go to college.  They saved his life!

My daughter was being bullied at school.  The kids called her horrible names, pushed her, and told her she was ugly.  She hated school and every day she came home crying.  I went to the teachers and principal – but nothing happened. Then I heard about Imani, they do not tolerate bullying. Her grades started to improve and she began to feel better about herself….she made friends and was happy again.  She loves school now!  Thank God for Imani!