Imani Christian Academy began in 1993 as an alternative to public education, with 30 students in a single-family house in Swissvale, PA. The vision for Imani was born out of a desire to create a learning environment that is safe and free of violence, with Christ as the center and foundation of their education.  Our Christian philosophy believes that children are precious gifts from God.

Imani Christian Academy recently completed its 25th year of operation. Since 1994, we have educated thousands of students. Without the rigorous academic curriculum, spiritual formation, and support services offered at Imani, these youth may have ended up in very different circumstances.

100% of our seniors graduate and all have a secondary education plan. Several of them have received full or partial academic scholarships. This track record has been repeated consistently since our founding and represents a remarkable post-graduation story – particularly when one considers that nationally less than 65% of  African American males finish high school. 

Although we are proud of the number of students who go on to college, we recognize there are many paths to success.  That is why we work with each student to uncover their talents and to determine their purpose in life.