Imani’s Elementary School curriculum is designed to encourage life-long curiosity and exploration by making learning an engaging process through hands-on experiences.  Small class sizes ensure a close relationship between students and teachers and the ability to offer personal attention to each individual’s needs.   

From Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, students spend a majority of the school day with their homeroom teacher.  Subjects include math, science, social studies, and language arts, in addition to a variety of math and reading enrichment activities.  They also take part in daily recess period and physical education classes.  Varioius offsite activities and field trips are scheduled throughout the year.



(Grades Kindergarten – 5th)

Subjects taught in elemntary students' homeroom include:

- Reading

- Theological Studies/Bible

- Language

- Spelling

- Math

- Handwriting/Keyboarding

- History

- Science



Other Subjects include:

- Physical Education

- Fine Arts

- Health