Imani is a purpose-preparatory school, rather than a dedicated college-preparatory school.  We have long recognized that a full four-year college or university experience may not be appropriate for all children – yet those same children deserve to know the many career opportunities that are available to them.  Therefore, we provide exposure to a variety of alternative careers through a newly developed Career and Technical Education Program (C-TEP).


This exposure begins in the Fifth Grade and continues through Grade 12.  While alternative careers have traditionally included electricians, plumbers, builders, etc., the advent of the oil and gas industry, the green infrastructure movement, the explosive growth of sophisticated healthcare, and the changing world of technology requires a new range of skills and knowledge. This program provides work readiness training for these post-secondary careers.


Imani has developed many strong partnerships that offer “hands on” training and certifications on the tools of innovation, life skills, workforce pathways, specialized vocational and industry trainings and certifications.  Our students also participate in job shadows, internships, career days, and unique field trips.

C-TEP Partnerships: