At Imani, we value each child, and we welcome children of all racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Our children are educated in an environment that unveils, develops and nurtures their uniqueness. The discovery of purpose in each child's life is the heartbeat of Imani Christian Academy. We believe that every child is called by God for a certain purpose, and that each purpose is equally important. We mentor and guide each individual to achieve his or her highest potential.  This is accomplished by using the resources of the church, the home and the community.

The neighborhoods where our children live are typically filled with violence, addiction, and various forms of verbal and physical abuse. When students from such backgrounds come to Imani, they are safe and in an environment where they can learn, find love, and experience hope.

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We embrace all children in our society, particularly those who are underserved;

Transform them into whole adults – spiritually, academically, physically and socially;

And launch them into lives of purpose and contribution. LEARN MORE

In light of the extraordinary responsibility that Imani accepts when we embrace the underserved students who comprise much of our student body, the burden of leading this academy is a heavy one.  The mission we have crafted for ourselves goes far beyond merely providing a private education.  We are often restructuring the lives and souls of our children and their families – work that challenges us to the core. LEARN MORE

Imani has been blessed with the support of an outstanding group of community leaders willing to devote their time and resources to ensuring the success of the students with whose education and development we have been entrusted.   Members of the governing team that we have assembled have led some of the largest and most successful organizations in the nation. LEARN MORE

Developing the whole person, particularly in situations where a child is surrounded by profound societal dysfunction, poses an extraordinarily challenging process.  To support our staff in this critical work, Imani draws upon a group of outstanding professionals who routinely share their wisdom and experience in the cause of developing our children.   LEARN MORE

Imani Christian Academy began in 1993 as an alternative to public education, with 30 students in a single-family house in Swissvale, which is east of Pittsburgh. The vision for Imani was born out of a desire to create a learning environment free of violence and focused on developing positive self-esteem in children, with Christ as the center and foundation of their education. LEARN MORE


Imani Christian Academy is dedicated to student health and wellness.

Please click HERE to read Imani's Student Wellness Policy.

Imani Christian Academy offers a variety of healthy meal choices for breakfast and lunch to all students through the National School Lunch and Breakfast program. This program allows us to offer free meal benefits to students that qualify. All students receive a free breakfast.